1. In this engagement we are exploring a method to cultivate the skill of Mindful Awareness which is believed to be important for Design. It can be described as: an openness or receptivity to multiple perspectives. Science suggests that a way to develop this competence is by exploring the multiple aspects which make up our perception of ourselves. In this case, the aspects of our perception that will be explored are personal and professional values, which are believed to impact design decisions.
  2. It is very important to remember that this process calls for continuous short engagements at least every time you record your reflective practice template. But feel free to engage with it (you can do it with your phone) at any time you are idle, and/or as part of some other routine you have in your day.
  3. Use the descriptions below as a guide to your daily process. I will go over this prior to your start and will be available to answer any potential questions that arise. Thank you!!!




A Self is understood as a role or identity. The Observing Self represents the entity from where you are able to see your other roles. One of your roles is MA Design Team Member; and other roles can be any other role, personal (cyclist, sibling, cousin, etc.), or professional (business, engineering, etc.).




  1. Bring your awareness to your Observing Self role and ask yourself: What seems important now from the perspective of my role as a MA Design Team Member? Be alert to see what arises. There are no wrong answers. For example, let's say your first thought was: "I'm concerned that the due date is approaching and we need to finish the concept".
  2. Now decide what value you think this first concern belongs to. It may help to consider it as an appreciation for .. or a belief in ... In this example I chose Timeliness. Choose a value you are comfortable describing. This website contains 50 examples that you can browse over to get some ideas. There is a similar list here. You don't need to choose from the list (although you can), it is just offered for possible examples. Again, there are no wrong answers. Since this is a repeating exercise, it is possible that values will refine overtime.



  1. Go back to your understanding of your Observing Self role and ask yourself the question again: What else seems important now in any other of my roles? This may be your role as Design Team Member again, or any other personal or professional role/self. See what arises.
  2. It is up to you to discover which Self and which Value, your next thought belongs to. In this example, for illustration purposes, I chose Cycling as the Self (personal) to which the second thought or concern belongs to. And the value, Discipline. This is assuming you were a cycling enthusiast and your next thought was about keeping up with your training.



  1. To complete the exercise for this day, all you need to do is complete this form and at the end just write the selves and the values arising from your reflection today. A minimum of two (2) Self/Value combos are suggested, but you are welcome to do as many as your time and comfort allow. Use the example below as a guide to how to submit them.
  2. In this example it would be: Design Team Member Self: Timeliness; and Cycling Self: Discipline


If you have questions please contact me at: